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The more you think about it, over analyze it, debate it, punish yourself over it, get paranoid about it, complain about it, cry over it, it continues to rot in your brain.  It is time to let it go because it is holding you back. You know it!  

It’s your turn to take one step forward xx
― C.T. Bell

My Story

I have a 15 year track record of creating success

My background is diverse and an obvious reel of following my dreams and passion. As the founder of  Women’s Business Society,  CaznStyle Styling Service, The Fidget Factory, Co-Founder of Applied Web Solutions, FIREfeed iGaming & Tech Jobs, JobsatWBS and brand ambassador for multiple international companies has supported my growth and accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience that now I can offer you. 

With over 15 years of experience working with clients of different ages, goals, and abilities, I not only bring significant experience but my life’s work and passion. I have helped children, teenagers, and adults with special needs; I have coached and mentored hundreds of businesswomen.


I am passionate about you as an individual

I work with you to create the success you want. There is no one answer to a problem -I work with the resources you have. It’s pointless to ask you to sweep with a broom if you don’t have access to one. The point is to work with what you have and remove barriers that one may use as an excuse.


I am solution-driven

I believe in you. I will challenge you. I dislike the words “I can’t”. I dislike excuses.  I will help you see past your own limitations you have placed on yourself.  Sometimes we just need that one person to have our back. To be there to vent and talk to. To offer solutions not problems.

What some of my clients have to say…..


“Cazz has been and continues to be an absolute inspiration and lifesaver for our daughter on many different levels. She manages to keep her on the straight and narrow and helps her navigate everyday life, which for a young person with special needs can be extremely challenging. She also sends her inspirational quotes and gives her strategies to pull herself up and stop herself from being drawn into negative thinking and ultimately empowering her to work things through and out for herself and become more and more independent. As a mother, she has made me feel better when things got tough, reassured me that I was doing the right thing, uplifted me and cheered me up. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – Gunhild


“I have known Cazzandra Bell for a few years now, and I cannot recommend her services enough. Her good nature and character, combined with her competency in the psychological and motivational field through life coaching, rank her ability in delivering psychological and counseling therapy highly.

Her enthusiasm in supporting individuals towards self growth is incomparable to others I have met in my life. Additionally she delivers her guidance in a very professional and ethical way, ensuring that all the needs of the individual are met both directly and indirectly. I bear witness that Cazzandra is a highly responsible professional who makes sure to provide her clients with the best possible care and treatment. Through various experiences I can say with my hand on my heart that with great ease Cazzandra has motivated me, supported me, guided me and lifted me up gracefully through her accurate pacing and discernment of my situation.  Through many years she has assisted me in my journey toward positive change and growth. We have developed mutual trust, and I have always felt understood and emotionally supported through various painful moments and difficult times. Through these times she has always kept a high level of optimism regarding outcomes, and I could feel that she always believed in my capacity for change and growth. I am grateful that I have had the pleasure of meeting such a marvellous individual during my journey”.

My Approach

If you want to make a change you need to make a commitment to yourself.

People have many goals in their lives, but only those who are willing to stop making excuses and start making plans create the change they want to see in their lives.

I only work with people who are ready to make a change. I can only help those who want to help themselves. We all know this from personal experience with others. Why should it be any different for ourselves? I am here to help you forge your path in your personal success in love, life, and business.

However, you will have to want it more than I want it for you.

If you want to move forward you need to let go of what is holding you back. I give you the space to talk, and together we will create a plan to make the changes and growth you want to see.

As your coach, I am here to help you move forward. But be warned, I am a no-nonsense coach. As your coach, I am not here to help you make – or validate – excuses. I will be honest with you. I will help you face yourself, to see the truth that you need to set yourself free from excuses and start creating the life you keep saying you want.

I do all of this very gently, so don’t be afraid! Personal growth & change is always a challenging process. There is no specific time for anything. It’s your life, your emotions. We need to approach it with sensitivity and move forward at your pace. However, if I do see you make excuses or try to move backward, don’t worry – I am there to keep you moving forward.

This is your time!


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It’s time! I look forward to hearing from you and taking that first step.